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Against labour, against capital: Marx’s theory, the crisis and the abolition of capitalism: An interview with Robert Kurz

Liberation is a historical fact and therefore cannot be theoretically “deduced” like the falling rate of profit. The famous “objective subject” of traditional Marxism is nothing but a category of capital itself, or a function of the “automatic subject” (Marx) … Continue reading

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Against labour, against capital: World economic crisis, social movements and socialism: 12 theses by Robert Kurz

“Don’t worry, the capitalist system will be reborn from your ashes” – El Roto A new concept of socialism can only be articulated to the extent that there is a break with the internalization of capitalist ways of life by … Continue reading

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Against labour, against capital: Norbert Trenkle and the violence of fictitious capital

We share a second essay by Norbert Trinkle that brings together the Krisis Group’s critique of value with an interpretation of the current crisis of capitalism.  (The essay was published in english here, along with the german text).

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Occupy Wall Street: Sharing reflections on a fifth anniversary (4)

… communism will be material or it will be nothing. It will be a set of immediate practices, immediate satisfactions, or nothing. If we find discipline and organization, it will come from what we do, not what we think. Research … Continue reading

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It was once remarked (by Guy Debord) that a society whose members are fully born within the spectacle will not have any other reference point than the spectacle itself making the prospects of a revolution unlikely. We would like to … Continue reading

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