Support Bima!

(From Peter Gelderloos)

A last minute call for solidarity:

If you’re able to today, please send some aid to Bima, an anarchist comrade imprisoned in Indonesia! Bima is a writer, researcher, and organizer, and he helped me out a ton for my last book, connecting me to Dayak and anarchist groups resisting palm oil plantations in Kalimantan (Borneo). Palm oil production is connected to mass deforestation, genocide and displacement against indigenous Dayak communities, paramilitary violence, the local political elite, and major multinational corporations. To top it off, the oil is often marketed as a green energy source!

Bima needs some funds to get through the years ahead in prison. The money is necessary to get him sufficient food and clothing, and also to enable him to continue with his writing and research projects on the inside.

Check out this link! You can donate this money, and also read and help spread some of his earlier articles and books:

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Back to the Future

The Return of the Ultraliberal Right in Argentina

(From CrimethInc. 26/11/2023)

Last week, the extreme right won electoral victories in the Netherlands and Argentina. The global reactionary wave that brought Donald Trump to power did not subside with his electoral loss in 2020, nor with the defeat of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. In the following reflection, an Argentine anarchist explores why Javier Milei won the election and situates Milei’s politics in historical context. Although Milei’s “anarcho-capitalist” rhetoric may seem new, this is just the latest chapter of a story that is very old in Argentina: the combination of cutthroat capitalism with ruthless state violence.

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Raúl Zibechi: Argentina from below

From Desinformémonos (20/11/2023) …

With the triumph of Javier Milei, a cycle of Argentine politics closes, a cycle that began in December 2001 with the popular insurrection that overthrew the government of Fernando de la Rúa and his neoliberal policies without anaesthesia. The leadership that will occupy the administration of the State will have freer hands to dismantle social policies and repress those who resist.

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Peter Gelderloos: Israel is Committing Genocide

Revolution Was the Beginning by Sliman Mansour

From Peter Gelderloos’ blog/website, Surviving Leviathan, we share a recent essay (17/10/2023) by him on the current violence in Palestine/Israel.

What the Israeli government is currently doing to occupied Palestine meets all the criteria for genocide.

Time and again, the Israeli government has revealed that it supports the mass murder of Palestinian noncombatants, including children, babies, and the elderly. They support the mass expulsion of Palestinians from their homes, and the mass theft of Palestinian lands. The Israeli military bombs hospitals and houses, shoots unarmed children, and tortures political opponents, and the politicians and officers responsible do not get punished, they get rewarded.

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Uri Gordon: Anarchism and nationalism

Migrants stand in front of a barrier at the border with Hungary near the village of Horgos, Serbia, September 16, 2015. Hungary’s right-wing government shut the main land route for migrants into the European Union on Tuesday, taking matters into its own hands to halt Europe’s influx of refugees. REUTERS/Marko Djurica – RTS1DM3

Uri Gordon’s essay, “Anarchism and Nationalism: On the Subsidiarity of Deconstruction”, is a very important contribution to the to the debate on nationalism and modern anti-colonial struggles within anarchism. And we share it below as a complement to our previous post by Uri Gordon and as one more contribution to the effort of trying to see through the darkness of nationalism’s violence. (From Void Network)

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Uri Gordon: The national question in Palestine/Israel (and trying to read events after October 7)

Uri Gordon’s book, Anarchy Alive! Anti-authoritarian Politics from Practice to Theory (Pluto Press, 2008) remains one of the best recent essays, in the English language, on anarchist practice and theory. His voice, if we can express it this way, is one of lucidity, free of the ideologically induced ills of excessive optimism and/or pessimism.

In a late chapter of the book (Chapter 6) – “HomeLand: Anarchy and Joint Struggle in Palestine/Israel” –  Gordon takes up the place of anarchism in the history of Palestine/Israel (which would no doubt call for an update, which he himself has stated in more recent work and interviews), as well as, the very difficult question, for anarchists, of nationalism and anti-colonialism, both in the face of Israeli settler-colonialism and more broadly.

We share below the last two parts of Chapter 6 from Gordon’s Anarchy Alive!, followed by a transcript of a recent interview with him – originally given in Greece – , published by Freedom News, on the more recent violence in Palestine/Israel.

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Free Palestine/Free Israel (V)

We share a short text by Gilles Deleuze on Palestine written at the time of the First Intifada (1987-1997) and an interview, by him, with the Palestinian writer Elias Sanbar from 1982.

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Fascisms, yesterday and today

A reflection on Fascism, by Alessandro Stella, published with Lundimatin #402, 06/11/2023.

Many people, unfortunately, have an outdated image of fascism, made up of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and other military-political dictators of the 20th century claiming this ideology. Some are even afraid of these crazy little groups parading with swastikas and portraits of Hitler and Mussolini. But what we really need to be afraid of is the global expansion of fascist ideology, which is already there, before our eyes, with new faces, sometimes surprising.

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The Milei Hurricane

A presidential election in Argentina might seem very exotic to us. And in fact, apart from Lundimatin and other excellent media, no one was really interested in what was happening in the “Pampas”. Yet Javier Milei, who, a few days ago, started hearing voices live on a TV stage, is now elected president of Argentina. With him, it is the paleo-libertarians who have just seized a state. This event is so bizarre that it will take us time to understand its historical meaning. The text that follows, by Pablo Stefanoni and Mariano Schuster, takes stock of what happened and what we can now expect. (from Lundimatin #404, 20/11/2023)

Seven keys to the Argentine election

Pablo Stefanoni and Mariano Schuster (Nueva Sociedad, November 2023)

An unprecedented scene opens in Argentina with the victory of the libertarian leader. How can we understand this political shift which brought an outsider of the extreme right to power?

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Free Palestine/Free Israel (IV)

The Zionist project could only be realised through the creation in Palestine of a purely Jewish state, both as a safe haven for Jews from persecution and a cradle for a new Jewish nationalism. And such a state had to be exclusively Jewish not only in its socio-political structure but also in its ethnic composition.

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