Autonomies is a space for the intransigent defense of freedom and equality.

By freedom is not meant a simple freedom “from” all that might restrict it, a simple shadow of freedom, but the freedom to create and re-create relations with others; not a freedom that allows us to find our “selves”, but one that expresses, through and with others, a creative singularity.

Our relations are many: political, moral, sexual, social, economic … (words which themselves must be criticized, which do not refer to exclusive or static realities). Freedom lies in the concrete capacity to invent and re-make these relations.

This creativity is only possible with others, unless domination is the means employed; therefore the demand for equality. Freedom and equality stand or fall together, and both make and are rendered possible by relations between us. The aim of Autonomies is to explore, imagine and thereby contribute to the creation of those relations that deepen our freedom and equality.

Our Autonomies are plural, for we believe that the relations which are its outcome and which sustain it are multiple, changing and not reducible to one type or form.

Oppression is our enemy and it is not uniform. It is not exclusively classist, racist, sexist … it does not, if it ever did, traverse society clearly separating and identifying the oppressors and the oppressed … perhaps more than ever before, it divides each one of us against ourselves and others. Revolution does not therefore depend on a privileged subject; it may emerge, erupt at any point in the fabric of disciplinary-biopolitics … it must exploit every fissure, weakness, at whatever scale, in the edifice of contemporary Empire. Dissidence, sedition, rebellion, disobedience, sabotage, refusal … all is permissible.

Freedom demands a continuous variation of constant becoming.

If the inspiration for those initially involved in Autonomies is anarchism, it is open to all who share with us our desires, wherever they may find themselves.

The present is without future. It can only offer us the dictatorship of commodities and its accompanying blind utilitarian reason. Its promise is senseless destruction. Our response is creation.

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