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From lundimatin, #406, December 4, 2023. KAPT’AL is not a GodIt is a principleIt spreads like light or water or windAnd it expandsImperturbably ***

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The loss of consciousness

(James Rosenquist, House of Fire) The Suicide’s Defense (Of all the stupidities wherewith the law-making power has oignaled its own incapacity for dealing with the disorders of society, none appears so utterly stupid as the law which punishes an attempted suicide. … Continue reading

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The limits of capitalism: Challenging the fetishism of labour and money

  Capital is nothing more than value that must be valorized, which is to say augmented. Value empirically takes the form of money and in that sense its valorization can be illustrated in Marx’s famous formula M–C–M’ [M prime], that is … Continue reading

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John Holloway: Critical thought against the capitalist hydra

John Holloway remains one of the most eloquent marxists of our times.  With intellectual roots in italian autonomist marxism, his insistence on reading Capital as a dynamic system of social relations of appropriation constructed through struggles against peoples’ efforts to autonomously and … Continue reading

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Scenes from the class struggle in spain: Evictions and the reign of capital

The politics of eviction is the political expression of the protection of Capital …

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The necropolitics of neoliberalism: Clara Valverde Gefaell

Whatever reality corresponded to the distinction between the working class and the sub-proletariat/lumpenproletariat under industrial capitalism has been lost in the fragmentation of the former under financial-speculative capitalism. Industry has not of course disappeared, but the conditions under which those … Continue reading

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Down with labour: Anselm Jappe

… there is no longer a criticism of capitalism possible that is not accompanied by a criticism of labour.  The criticism of labour is not a “luxury” destined exclusively for rich countries.  On the contrary, it is even more pressing … Continue reading

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The Assault

Neoliberalism: the transfer of social wealth to private hand, enforced by the State.  The lie of an expansion of free markets and free human economic activity is belied by State enforced appropriations of commons, created over generations, for private gain … Continue reading

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Future Suspended

From the crisis-scape research collective and the film maker Ross Domoney of Aletheia Photos comes a striking film study of Athens and Greece under the reign of crisis.  From the appropriation of public land for private accumulation, to terror against … Continue reading

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The violence of capitalism … and the resistance to it: Stories from spain

Video, No Job Land, by Olmo Calvo, Eva Filgeira and Gabriel Pecot …

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