Scenes from the class struggle in spain: Evictions and the reign of capital

The politics of eviction is the political expression of the protection of Capital …

Eduardo Lucas and Jessica Bernice, 37 and 40 years old, live with their two children, Miguel Ángel and Ana, 7 and 5.  The four live with 428€ per month, Money from the part time cleaning job held by Jessica.

Eduardo was fired in September of 2013, after 13 years as a cook and refused his compensation considering that his firing was unjustified.  His case is in the courts.

In July of 2014, the family was evicted from a rented apartment where they lived on Ofelia Nieto Street, Madrid.

For two weeks they slept in the Park Agustín Rodríguez Sahagún.

As of August 2014, they lived in an occupied apartment on Alvarado Street in the neighbourhood of Tetuán. The house is the property of a real estate company.

The apartment was empty when they moved in.  The furniture was donated by the Hispano-American church of La Merced.  The four slept in the same room.

The children’s winter clothes had also been donated by the church.

They were able to get food from the food bank of the 15M Assembly of Tetuán.

On the 3rd of February, they were evicted a second time.

Four police vans of riot police removed activists called by the Assembly of tetuán who peacefully blocked the entrance of the building, in an effort to impede access by the judicial commission sent to carry out the eviction order.

Video by Jaime Alekos for Periodismo Humano (09/03/2015) …


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