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Beyond the Periphery of the Skin: An Interview with Silvia Federici

Celebrating March 8, International Women’s Day … What is the “body” under capitalism? When we speak of the body, how has our sense of “self” in relation to our bodies been redefined, reduced, and mutilated under the logic of capital … Continue reading

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Italy: Autonomia (18) – Feminism: Silvia Federici

Italian autonomist Silvia Federici on wages and housework. Federici was co-founder of the International Feminist Collective, and an organizer with the wages for housework campaign. In 1973, she helped start Wages for Housework groups in the US. In 1975 she published Wages Against … Continue reading

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Silvia Federici: The joyful militancy of feminism

To share, the first of a series of reflections on contemporary feminism, in interviews, essays and so on, with the eighth of March, international women’s day as a feminist strike, in the foreground. What follows is an interview with Silvia … Continue reading

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Italy: Autonomist feminism

Hence we must refuse housework as women’s work, as work imposed upon us, which we never invented, which has never been paid for, in which they have forced us to cope with absurd hours, 12 and 13 a day, in … Continue reading

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Sabotaging gender, feminism and capital

We share below an essay by a friend of Autonomies, a conference paper presented at the CIEG II International Congress: Gender, Feminist and Woman’s Studies: Reflexivity, Resistance and Action (July 24-26), at the ISCSP – Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais … Continue reading

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In solidarity: March 8 – The call for a day without women’s work

It is often forgotten that the international March 8th women’s day began with striking female factory workers.  The strike, the withholding of women’s work, lies at its origins, and not the docile protests or celebrations of acquired “rights” that would … Continue reading

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Killing the beast in its lair: Silvia Federici and the social reproduction of capitalism

Social reproduction is a relatively recent term. In the 1970s, we spoke of it in terms of domestic work, referring to all the activities that reproduce our daily life and at the same time, in a capitalist society, also reproduce … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: Sharing reflections on a fifth anniversary (6)

We have begun to recognize that for our movements to work and thrive, we need to be able to socialize our experiences of grief, illness, pain, death, things that now are often relegated to the margins or the outside of … Continue reading

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The Politics of the Commons: Silvia Federici

A political demand/action must be judged not only from the perspective of its goal, but also, and more fundamentally, from its capacity to generate unity and organizational potential among those who challenge and struggle against capitalism.

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