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The artistic disobedience of Nina Paley: For Gaza

Calling both a grassy field and ideas a “commons” is interesting, because one of them, the grassy field, is tangible and scarce, whereas the other one is not actually limited. A lot of the conversation that happens around imaginary property … Continue reading

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The Politics of the Commons: Silvia Federici

A political demand/action must be judged not only from the perspective of its goal, but also, and more fundamentally, from its capacity to generate unity and organizational potential among those who challenge and struggle against capitalism.

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Interventions in spain: the commons

Spain, in the of 15M, has become a laboratory of radical political thought and practice.  Debates and gestures resonate in multiple and proliferating communites of resistance and autonomy.  What follows is but one example, but an example rich in consequences: … Continue reading

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