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Paul Preciado: Politics of desire beyond woman and man

With women’s day on the horizon and the international call for a global feminist strike to mark the 8th of March, we share a text in translation by Paul Preciado that pushes at the limits of feminist thought and practice. … Continue reading

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Feminism and beyond in May 68

France’s May 68 not only created space for the emergence of a radical gay movement in the country (with the FHAR), but a parallel feminist movement as well, as expressed in the Mouvement de libération des femmes (MLF).  We share a … Continue reading

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In solidarity: March 8 – The call for a day without women’s work

It is often forgotten that the international March 8th women’s day began with striking female factory workers.  The strike, the withholding of women’s work, lies at its origins, and not the docile protests or celebrations of acquired “rights” that would … Continue reading

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Radicalising feminism, radicalising pride: The revolution as trans-intersex

(Photograph by Joel-Peter Wilkin) Many questions were troubling the explorer, but at the sight of the prisoner he asked only: “Does he know his sentence?” “No,” said the officer, eager to go on with his exposition, but the explorer interrupted … Continue reading

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