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Latin America: From ungovernability to chaos

Raúl Zibechi is perhaps one of the most significant and lucid writers today on “social movements” in latin america. Below, we share a recent text authored by him, in translation. We also share a conference-conversation with Zibechi and Rita Segato … Continue reading

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Raúl Zibechi: Rebellions against hegemony in latin america

From Roarmag (21/05/2021) … State, power and society in Latin America: an interview with Raúl Zibechi From state violence and neoliberal extractivism to Colombia’s general strike and Zapatismo: militant journalist Raúl Zibechi reflects on the state of Latin America today. … Continue reading

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On non-state power: Raúl Zibechi

Collective labor underpins the commons, and is the true material base that produces and reproduces living communities, based on relations of reciprocity and mutual help rather than the hierarchical and individualized relations at the core of state institutions. The community … Continue reading

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What revolutions in the americas?

On the 15th of August, president Rafael Correa of ecuador announced the authorisation of the extraction of petroleum from Yasuni National Park.  The decision will have to be voted on by the country’s congress, but should it agree, it brings … Continue reading

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15M: A Cartography of the Spanish Revolution 80

News from Spain and elsewhere …

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