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For Hebe de Bonafini (1928-2022) and the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

Those who have lost whom they love, those who say “I have a right to cry, and I still don’t cry because I need to know where and how my loved ones died”, are linking demands for justice with the … Continue reading

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Mafalda the “anarchist”: For Quino (1932-2020)

The rigid, the ready—made, the mechanical, in contrast with the supple, the ever-changing and the living, absentmindedness in contrast with attention, in a word, automatism in contrast with free activity, such are the defects that laughter singles out and would … Continue reading

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Colectivo Situaciones: Complete works

The posting by the online website lobo suelto! of an archive of the writings the argentine based Colectivo Situaciones, is the occasion to return to the “theoretical” work of this group and its “reflection” in the 2001-3 insurrection in the … Continue reading

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The resilience and fragility of mutual aid: Argentina

From the Correspondent, an article by Zoe Smith comparing mutual aid initiatives in Argentina and the experience in the United States. A further contribution to thinking through mutual aid and anarchist politics …

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Eduardo Colombo: The intransigent anarchist

Eduardo Colombo is the third of our anarchists whom we have grouped under the title of writers of “May 68”, which includes Jaime Semprun, Miguel Amorós and Amedeo Bertolo. The reference to “May 68” is a political metaphor in this … Continue reading

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For Osvaldo Bayer

… libertarian socialism is the way…or as I prefer to say, libertarian solidarism, that’s where we can find the essence of a better world, the essence of a society formed from the grass roots up, through the people’s discussion, the … Continue reading

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In praise of folly: Frente de Artistas del Borda

In the serene world of mental illness, modern man no longer communicates with the madman: on one hand, the man of reason delegates the physician to madness, thereby authorizing a relation only through the abstract universality of disease; on the … Continue reading

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Lessons from argentina: The FORA and Emilio López Arango

  Emancipation isn’t a problem of mechanics nor an issue that can be resolved through technical means. A worker may be able to run a factory or put in motion all the machinery of an industry, but there isn’t in … Continue reading

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The long and winding May of 1968 (7): Argentina’s Uprising

We share a study by James P. Brennan, of the 1969 uprising in the Argentine city of Cordoba, known as the Cordobazo, which saw students and workers rise up against the military dictatorship of General Juan Carlos Onganía with a series … Continue reading

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Crossing the borders of struggles: In solidarity, in memory, with the Mapuche and Santiago Maldonado

The enslavement to capitalism occurs in multiple spaces and times.  If commodity production and the submission to money homogenises and deterritorialises, the reproduction of capitalist social relations distributes human populations across differential, hierarchical and conflicting geographies and histories.

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