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The anarchy of dance/the dance of anarchism

A little wisdom is no doubt possible; but I have found this happy certainty in all things: that they prefer—to dance on the feet of chance. Friedrich Nietzsche, This Spoke Zarathustra [Contact improvisation] came out of Grand Union. We were in … Continue reading

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The visible and the invisible

… [The trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem offered] … the most striking insight into the totality of the moral collapse the Nazis caused in respectable European society – not only in Germany but in almost all countries, not only … Continue reading

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Free Palestine/Free Israel (III)

Imagining freedom and justice beyond state sovereignty, with Hannah Arendt. Politically, this identification of freedom with sovereignty is perhaps the most pernicious and dangerous consequence of the philosophical equation of freedom and free will. For it leads either to a … Continue reading

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Hannah Arendt: Zionism Reconsidered

It will not be easy either to save the Jews or to save Palestine in the twentieth century; that it can be done with categories and methods of the nineteenth century seems at the very most highly improbable. If Zionists … Continue reading

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With and beyond anti-fascism (1)

… to make use of the weapons created by fascism, which has been allowed to use the fundamental aspirations of people for affective exultation and fanaticism. But we affirm that the exaltation… must be placed in the service… of a … Continue reading

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Notes on the Bure ZAD and the politics of eternity/death

Un grand sommeil noir Tombe sur ma vie : Dormez, tout espoir, Dormez, toute envie ! Je ne vois plus rien, Je perds la mémoire Du mal et du bien… O la triste histoire ! Je suis un berceau Qu’une … Continue reading

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The Space and Time of Utopia

Reflections around the concept of utopia, on the 500th anniversary of Thomas Moore’s Utopia, reflections that echo earlier thoughts on the time and space of revolution. In revolution, everything happens incredibly quickly, just like in dreams in which people seem to be freed from … Continue reading

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Shards of time amid spaces of rebellion

This essay is the child of an earlier reflection on time and revolution, as well as of work on the 15th of May movement in spain, Pasolini and anti-fascism, and other essays posted on Autonomies, from which it borrows generously. … Continue reading

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We are all refugees (1)

Apparently nobody wants to know that contemporary history has created a new kind of human beings – the kind that are put in concentration camps by their foes and in internment camps by their friends. Hannah Arendt, We Refugees The … Continue reading

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The refusal of sovereignty; An anarchist reading of “occupy” movements

(El Roto) The “occupy” movements that emerged in 2011 in different parts of the world continue to merit reflection as the most radical challenge to State forms and Capitalism in recent memory.  We share below an essay by a friend … Continue reading

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