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Enzo Traverso: ‘If we wanted to find an ancestor for Giorgia Meloni, it would be the Vichy regime’

Giorgia Meloni, the leader of Italy’s far-right party, Fratelli d’Italia, spent years on the country’s political margins before she was elected Prime Minister last fall. In this interview, Enzo Traverso sheds light on the significance of her rise and what Fascism … Continue reading

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Enzo Traverso: Revolutions are still breathing life into history

Historian Enzo Traverso on his latest book, Revolution: An Intellectual History. The interview originally appeared in the Alias section of il manifesto, 9 July 2022 and was published in the Verso books blog, 01/08/2022, translated by David Broder. “Revolution — without icons and without capital letters … Continue reading

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Twenty-First-Century Fascism: Where We Are

Enzo Traverso on post-fascism in times of pandemic. (New Politics/Verso Books Blog) Over the past decade, the world experienced a notable increase in far-right movements. The ghosts of the 1930s seemed to be reawakening and a neo- or post-fascist wave extending … Continue reading

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Enzo Traverso: Readings and erasures of the past

The political violence of the 1970s was part of a political era that concluded with a defeat of the Left, of the workers’ movement, of alternative movements. This defeat has never been processed. Rather, this past has been repressed. At … Continue reading

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