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Palestine: The attempt to erase a people’s arts

We want to thank +972 Magazine for the generous permission to publish an article on the Israeli authority’s assault against Jenin’s (West Bank) Freedom Theatre and the broader Israeli war on Palestinian artistic expression. +972 Magazine is unquestionably one of the most … Continue reading

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Jean-Marc Royer: Political philosophy of nuclear power

One day, [Noah] clothed himself in sackcloth and covered his head with ashes. Only a man who was mourning [the death of] a beloved child or his wife was allowed to do this. Clothed in the garb of truth, bearer … Continue reading

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Human Rights Discourse Has Failed to Stop the Genocide in Gaza

In December, Hudia, a refugee in Rafah, kept a diary of the horrors Israel has been visiting upon Gaza since October. This is testimonial 18 of the Palestine Uncensored series published on the Verso Books Blog. Hudia, 13 February 2024 December 6, 2023 Gaza City and … Continue reading

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The visible and the invisible

… [The trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem offered] … the most striking insight into the totality of the moral collapse the Nazis caused in respectable European society – not only in Germany but in almost all countries, not only … Continue reading

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Anarchists should not be spreading Putinist propaganda

From Antti Rautiainen … Last September, some Italian anarchists published a collective letter criticising Ukrainian anarchists for defending themselves and their movement against Russian imperialist aggression. The argument is based on both ethical and factual points. I will start by commenting on … Continue reading

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Free Palestine/Free Israel (VI): Jeff Halper

There is de facto a single state between the Jordan River an the Mediterranean Sea: Israel, as an occupying settler-colony, is the only state that exists in this territory. What remains under anything describable as a Palestinian authority are a … Continue reading

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Voices of exile in the Situationist International

The NOT BORED! journal collective continues to generously share with us their tireless work of translating situationist and situationist inspired texts, for which we are grateful. On this occasion, it is a historical essay by Maurice Fréchuret convering the contribution of “exiles” to … Continue reading

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Geopolitics for 2024

We share a critical essay by Peter Gelderloos on the on the probabilities of state power or revolution (07/02/2024). Skip the first section if you want to go straight to the conflicts and changes I think we should be paying … Continue reading

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Angela Davis: We deposit our dreams in Palestine

In an exercise of “telescoping”, Angela Davis helps us to see and understand the connections between the Palestinian struggle for self-determination against Israeli settler-colonialism, the more general struggle against persistent and historically rooted forms of racist colonialism and racial capitalism … Continue reading

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For Gaza: Ghassan Kanafani in the voice of John Berger

In an address to the inaugural Palestine Festival of Literature (2008) John Berger gave a moving reading of Palestinian writer, Ghassan Kanafani’s “Letter from Gaza”. Kanafani was assassinated by the Israeli Mossad in 1972.

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