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Anarchists should not be spreading Putinist propaganda

From Antti Rautiainen … Last September, some Italian anarchists published a collective letter criticising Ukrainian anarchists for defending themselves and their movement against Russian imperialist aggression. The argument is based on both ethical and factual points. I will start by commenting on … Continue reading

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In Memory of Marcy

From Solidarity Collectives (18/12/2023) … We want to tell you about our comrade, Marcy, who was killed in action on 11 November, near Avdiivka.  (The family has asked for no media coverage, so we will not disclose his real name).

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“A Nuclear Superpower and a Dispossessed People”

From the CrimethInc. (08/10/2023) collective … An Anarchist from Jaffa on the Violence in Palestine and Israeli Repression On October 7, Hamas, the ruling party in the Gaza Strip, breached the siege wall surrounding them to carry out a series … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Anarchists organising themselves in the face of war

The Lundi Matin collective in france has initiated a video news series dedicated to meeting and covering resistance movements around the world, to examine the reasons for engagement. We share their first report below. (For those unfamiliar with french – … Continue reading

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Anarchist voices against Putin (II)

We continue to share below film-maker and journalist Alexis Daloumis’ ongoing news reports about and interviews with european anarchists on the russian invasion of ukraine (from Freedom News 27/04/2022). ___ Freedom is pleased to present the next Ukraine video dispatch … Continue reading

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Anarchist voices on the war in ukraine

We continue to share the voices of anarchists from central and eastern europe. The first is a statement from the Czech Anarchist Federation (AF), in response to the International Anarchist Federations (IFA) statement on the war. The second is an … Continue reading

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