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Jacques Rancière: Reflections on equality and emancipation

“Autonomy” has been a key concept in modern emancipatory politics. But it must be understood correctly. It does not mean the autonomous power of a subject as opposed to external forces: it means a form of thinking, practice and organization … Continue reading

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Jacques Rancière: The anarchy of democracy

During the French presidential campaign, the candidates and the media saturated the environment with references to the “people”.  Before the final results, on the 7th of May, the journal Ballast conducted an interview with Jacques Rancière on the use and … Continue reading

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Shards of time amid spaces of rebellion

This essay is the child of an earlier reflection on time and revolution, as well as of work on the 15th of May movement in spain, Pasolini and anti-fascism, and other essays posted on Autonomies, from which it borrows generously. … Continue reading

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