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Notes on “the immigrant question”: Guy Debord

Among the functions of borders, political and others, is to stabilise and make possible the exploitation of human populations, against the free flows of capital commodities and commodity spectacles.  If populations were allowed complete freedom of movement, equal to that … Continue reading

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The reign of the police

This so perfect democracy itself constructs its inconceivable enemy, terrorism.  It wants, in effect, to be judged by its enemies rather then by its results.  The history of terrorism is written by the State: it is therefore enlightening.  The spectator … Continue reading

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Now and the anarchy of destituent power: Reading politics with the invisible committee

… they wanted to reinvent everything, each day; to make themselves masters and possessors of their own lives. Guy Debord If to constituent power corresponds revolutions, uprisings and new consititutions, that is, a violence that lays down and constitutes new … Continue reading

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Against labour, against capital: An interview with Robert Kurz

A second post in our series, Against labour, against capital … In this 2006 interview, Robert Kurz offers a succinct definition the “radical critique of value”, and discusses the nature of the commodity and markets, the “ontologization of value”, abstract … Continue reading

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An illustrated guide to Guy Debord’s “The Society of the Spectacle”

From Hyperallergic, a brief, illustrated reflection on Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle, authored by Tiernan Morgan and Lauren Purje (10/08/2016) …

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From film of denunciation to the revolutionary use of film

R. Magritte, La trahison des images Le monde est déjà filmé.  Il s’agit maintenant de le transformer Guy Debord Contemporary social movements have contributed to and have been sustained by a proliferation of media production, often described as alternative, in … Continue reading

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