Love and revolution: A film by Yannis Youlountas

We share below Yannis Youlountas’ most recent documentary film-testimony of struggles for autonomy in greece.  In letting those who are directly engaged in these struggles speak for themselves, his work offers a glimpse of what served as a title for an earlier film: “I struggle therefore I am”.

(The version of the film currently available online is provided with french subtitles.  We await an english subtitled version).

We also add below a two part interview with Yannis Youlountas with Alternative Libertaire of france (also in french).

Ten years after the first riots, the media no longer speak of the Greek crisis. Everything suggests that the austerity cure has succeeded and that calm has returned. This film proves the opposite. In Thessaloniki, young people are blocking auctions of foreclosed homes. In Crete, peasants oppose the construction of a new airport. In Athens, a mysterious group worries established power by multiplying sabotages. In the neighborhood of Exarcheia, threatened with evacuation, the heart of the resistance welcomes the refugees in self-management. A trip to music among those who dream of love and revolution. (

Subtitle: “Non, rien n’est fini en Grèce”
Duration 1h17. VF-VOSTF / Release: Februrary 2018

Interview with Yannis Youlountas – 1st part (Alternative Libertaire – 2018)

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