I struggle therefore I am: Yannis Youlountas

In cinematographic chronicles, Yannis Youlantis tells stories of resistance and struggle in greece and spain.  The virtue and beauty of his films is the beauty of those who create autonomy against those who reduce the many to slavery.  Whether it be in demonstrations, resistance to “development”, self-managed agricultural cooperatives, health centres, schools, okupations, autonomous social centres, each is an example of Nikos Kazantzakis statement that “the only way to save yourself is to struggle to save everyone else.” We share below Youlantis most recent work, Je lutte donc je suis (the dialogue is mostly in spanish and greek, with french subtitles) and an earlier film dedicated to recent greek struggles, Let’s not live like slaves (with english subtitles).

For further information regarding the films, see jeluttedoncjesuis.net and e-xpressed.

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