Agrarian Revolution in Andalucia

And it will again be by the working in common of the soil that the enfranchised societies will find their unity and will obliterate the hatred and oppression which has hitherto divided them.

                                                             Peter Kropotkin

On the 4th of March of 2012, hundreds of unemployed workers occupied public rural lands known as Somonte in the region of Cordoba in Andalucía, under the call, “The Land to those who work it”.  The government of Andalucía had announced the imminent sale of the lands.  With mass unemployment in the region, and most notably in agriculture, workers of the Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores/as and the Sindicato de Obreros del Campo, among others, appropriated the lands from the authorities for the purpose of working it collectively.  Expelled at one point by the police (26/04), the workers immediately retook the land the following day, and continue not only to provide for themselves, but set an example to all of how one can struggle against capitalism.  Somente es del pueblo we hear; but also, ¡Somente somos todos!

The original statement from the occupying workers reads as follows:

This action should be the beginning of the agrarian revolution which at this time of unemployment, poverty and neoliberal theft is so necessary.  Today, any alternative for survival with dignity includes the struggle for land, peasant agriculture, food sovereignty and the kind of development that can be seen each day in Marinaleda and other villages of Andalucía.

We call upon all of the workers and unemployed of Andalucía that they struggle for the peoples’ collectivization of public or private lands.

If the present is struggle, the future is ours.

Long Live Free Andalucía!


For a broader discussion of land occupations in Andalucía, see Periodico Diagonal



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