The Anarchist Cinema of a Revolution: 1936-1938

The collectivization of the economy during the spanish republic’s struggle against Franco’s nationalist uprising would in areas under anarchist control, lead to the emergence of a collectivised anarchist film production and distribution.  The films, and the literature that speaks of them, are largely in spanish, but they are well worth the effort …

For an excellent collection of texts, see:

Cine y Anarquismo 1936: Colectivización de la industria cinematografica


Examples of Anarchist film …

1936 Aurora de esperanza (english subtitles)


1936 Nosotros Somos Asi (french subtitles)


1936 Carne de Fieras


1937 Barrios Bajos


1937 Nuestro Culpable


Documentary on Spanish Anarchist Cinema: El Cine Libertario

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