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Without fear: Land occupations in spain

On the 30th of June, the state owned land estate of Somonte, occupied in 2012 by landless, agricultural day labourers of the Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores/as (SAT), were evicted by a large police (Guardia Civil) intervention, for a fifth time. … Continue reading

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Scenes from the class struggle in spain

The protagonists of class struggles are many, as are the stages upon which they are enacted and re-enacted.  What defines them is not historically pre-determined; revolutionaries and reactionaries playing out the assigned roles of objective social contradictions are all fictions … Continue reading

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Agrarian Revolution in Andalucia

And it will again be by the working in common of the soil that the enfranchised societies will find their unity and will obliterate the hatred and oppression which has hitherto divided them.                                                              Peter Kropotkin On the 4th of … Continue reading

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