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A state unmasks itself: Pablo Hasél and the repression of solidarity protests

As the protests continue into a third night against Pablo Hasél’s arrest … The King is naked. The authoritarian drift of the state Embat, Organització Llibertària de Catalunya/A las barricadas After the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél for a song … Continue reading

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With Pablo Hasél

With the arrest and incarceration of the rapper Pablo Hasél on Tuesday (16/02/2021) by the spanish authorities for the crimes of offending the crown and promoting terrorism under the country’s law on public security (Ley Orgánica de protección de la … Continue reading

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Federación de Anarquistas Gran Canaria (FAGC): Anarchism in struggle

Idealism is necessary, but not based on fantasies and chimeras, but on the real capacity to apply our ideas to transform the environment. We must find the limits of our myths – ideological, theoretical or any other kind – to … Continue reading

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The lost images of anarchist Barcelona

From the Roarmag Collective (21/12/2019)… This post was originally published by eldiario.es. Text by Pol Pareja. Translation from Spanish by Andrew Hakes Re-discovered after 80 years, the photographic legacy of the CNT which brings the libertarian revolution in Barcelona back to … Continue reading

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The criminalising of anarchists and the politics of exception

An essay from spain on the state of exception and anarchists as the enemy … Anarchists: The enemy José Luis Carretero (El Salto 23/10/2019) The use of the monopoly of force by the State has always been a sensitive issue. … Continue reading

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Catalonia: Trapped between nationalisms

The problems of Catalonia are talked about too often. What problems of Catalonia? In Catalonia there is no problem; the only problem that could have arisen in Catalonia is posed by us; but the problem that is posed by us … Continue reading

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Las mujeres libres of spain

Voices of revolutionary feminism … We share two articles, a first on women in the spanish revolution and a second on the spanish anarchist organisation Mujeres Libres. And we close with the spanish film, Libertarias (1996).

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G.A.R.I.: Grupos de Acción Revolucionaria Internacionalista

The Grupos de Acción Revolucionaria Internacionalista/Internationalist Revolutionary Action Groups (GARI) were a series of autonomous anti-capitalist groups, largely of anarchist inspiration, which coordinated to carry out armed agitation and propaganda actions after the self-dissolution of the Iberian Liberation Movement (MIL), … Continue reading

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Amador Fernández-Savater: Reaching for a politics of pure potentiality, or trying to keep power at bay

One never takes power, it is power which takes us. Tomás Ibáñez We follow Peter Gelderloos’ critical evaluation of spain’s “radical” municipalism with a more theoretical reflection, by Amador Fernández-Savater, on the political cycle in the country that began with … Continue reading

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The wayward ways of “radical” municpalism in spain

Peter Gelderloos’ critical appraisal of spain’s “municipalities of change” is timely. (Roarmag 02/07/2019) In the general municipal elections of 2015, various, large spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, etc.) fell to coalitions that promising greater social and political justice, echoing an … Continue reading

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