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The Invasion Of Ukraine: Anarchist Interventions And Geopolitical Changes

by Peter Gelderloos (It’s Going Down 14/03/2022) … The current war in Ukraine is difficult to grapple with and not only for those of us with friends and comrades who are over there, fighting or surviving, or who have already … Continue reading

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Questions In The Face Of Counterinsurgency

Ongoing reflections on the anti-racist and anti-capitalist rebellion in the united states, by Peter Gelderloos (It’s going down 18/06/2020) … As the rebellion that has rocked the US and spread internationally approaches a full month, the counterinsurgency strategy being used … Continue reading

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United States: Facing counter-insurgency in times of riots

Counterinsurgency: dousing the flames of Minneapolis Peter Gelderloos (Roarmag 04/06/2020) As people rise up against police violence and structural racism, what counterinsurgency techniques is the state deploying to attack and undermine the movement? The uprising that has spread across the … Continue reading

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Tracing the lines of the barricade

“Which side are you on?”, asks a famous american labour song. Perhaps the answer to the question, taken as a question with revolutionary implications, has never been simple, contrary to the illusions of hindsight and/or ideology. This seems to be … Continue reading

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Beyond violence and non-violence: Peter Gelderloos

… nonviolence, in its current manifestations, is based on falsified histories of struggle. It has implicit and explicit connections to white people’s manipulations of the struggles of people of color. Its methods are wrapped in authoritarian dynamics, and its results … Continue reading

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The wayward ways of “radical” municpalism in spain

Peter Gelderloos’ critical appraisal of spain’s “municipalities of change” is timely. (Roarmag 02/07/2019) In the general municipal elections of 2015, various, large spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, etc.) fell to coalitions that promising greater social and political justice, echoing an … Continue reading

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A world without police: Peter Gelderloos

“Violence” is something new in history. We decadents are the first to know this curious thing: violence. Traditional societies knew of theft, blasphemy, parricide, abduction, sacrifice, insults and revenge. Modern States, beyond the dilemma of adjudicating facts, recognized only infractions … Continue reading

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