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Cuban Anarchists on the Protests of July 11

From the CrimethInc. Collective (22/07/2021) … To explore the causes and implications of the wave of protests that broke out in Cuba on July 11, we present two interviews with Cuban anarchists and a statement from an anarchist initiative in Cuba. Introduction: … Continue reading

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For George Floyd

NOW! (1965) Production: ICAIC | Director: Santiago Álvarez (Cuba)| Photography: Archives | Music: Song, Now! performed by Lena Horne | Editing: Norma Torrado, Idalberto Gálvez | Sound: Adalberto Jiménez | 6min

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Fidel Castro and the fetishism of power

Talking to us of homeland and freedom is a waste of time unless they start by guaranteeing our independence as individuals; we are not about to redeem the homeland while we are all left slaves. The measure of the homeland’s … Continue reading

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