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Of war and revolution: Ukraine

Why is our century worse than any other? Is it that in the stupor of fear and grief It has plunged its fingers in the blackest ulcer, Yet cannot bring relief? Anna Akhmatova, from Plantain (1919) “The main enemy is … Continue reading

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Statement of the ABC Belarus on the war in Ukraine

From the anarchist black cross belarus (10/06/2022) … A full-scale war in Ukraine has been going on for over three months now. The anarchist movement has responded to the Russian invasion in different ways during these three months – some … Continue reading

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If only there was no war?

From Pramen, Anarchism in Belarus (28/01/2022) … After the Russian occupation of Crimea and the deployment of troops on the territory of Donbass, part of the Belarusian opposition decided to give up trying to get rid of Lukashenko. The fear … Continue reading

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The Belarus insurrection

From the CrimethInc. Collective … Belarus: Anarchists in the Uprising against the Dictatorship: An Interview Starting on the night of Sunday, August 9, in response to an election widely deemed to be rigged, a massive protest movement has broken out … Continue reading

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