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France: Reading events at Sainte-Soline and Serge Duteuil-Graziani

Serge Duteuil-Graziani came out of a coma, a month after being seriously injured during the demonstration against mega-reservoir in Sainte-Soline on March 25, 2023. But his prognosis remains critical. We begin with a press release of April 26, from his … Continue reading

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France: The struggle for a water commons

From lundimatin #376, 27/03/2023 … What Happened at Sainte-Soline 200 injured, 40 seriously injured, one person between life and death The rally against the mega-[water] reservoir of Sainte-Soline should have been festive. The defenders of water, who came by the … Continue reading

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Leo Tolstoy: Reading the ecological crisis as the sign of slavery

Electric lights and telephones and exhibitions are excellent, and so are all the pleasure-gardens, with concerts and performances, and all the cigars, and match-boxes, and braces, and motor cars, but they may all go to perdition, and not they alone, … Continue reading

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Miguel Amorós: Anti-developmentalism as class struggle

  The world of the commodity is no longer susceptible to self-management. It is impossible to humanize it: it must first be dismantled. … Self-defense against the terrorism of the commodity and the State assumes the form of both an … Continue reading

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