In solidarity: The Libertarian Cultural Centre of Almada

For a new space for the Centro de Cultura Libertária/Libertarian Cultural Center!

The space that the Libertarian Cultural Centre (Almada, Portugal) has occupied and rented for almost 50 years is again in danger. The continued pressure exerted by gentrification and the real estate market that has evicted and forced out of city centres hits us once again. After years of threats and eviction processes that we resisted, in March 2024, the CCL will have to leave its historic headquarters in Cacilhas.

Over these nearly 50 years, several generations of anarchists have given voice to their hopes and struggles in this place through the most varied activities and means. Many collectives, publications, cultural and recreational activities have passed through here and inhabited it, which ‘carried a new world in their hearts’. The CCL is a unique space, with a history that insists on persisting, that resists and fights for its place in the minds and actions of those who dare to think and act without god or masters. The CCL also houses an archive of libertarian memory and a unique library in the Portuguese region. It is a space for the continuity of the anarchist struggle in this region, and that is why we intend to keep that flame burning for many more years.

We have therefore launched an appeal and a fundraising action with a view to acquiring a space for the Libertarian Culture Centre. A space that belongs to you and from which you cannot be evicted. A space that houses the CCL library, archive and bookshop. A space for the diffusion and protection of libertarian culture that has as its objective the recovery and protection of memory, the meeting and dynamism of anarchist ideas.

In the coming months, we will multiply fundraising initiatives and we call on all people and collectives, who are in solidarity with our goals, to contribute through donations, holding charitable events and publicising the campaign.

Saturday, May 20th at the CCL

18h-Presentation of the fundraising campaign for the Centre of Libertarian Culture

20h-Fundraising dinner

CCL bank account details for donations

IBAN: PT50003501790000215493029

CCL MBWAY for donations
913 125 532

(Centro de Cultura Libertária, 15/05/2023)

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