Brazil: The struggle against the erasure of rebellion

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the June 2013 uprising in brazil and a narrative begins to take form: the Bolsonaro government was the child of the protests that occurred against the policies of the PT government then in power under Dilma Rousseff, Lula’s successor.

From the Antimídia and Facção Fictícia collectives, based on an idea of Companheiro Sonho, comes this video report-intervention in response (available with spanish and english subtitles).

Ten years after the June 2013 Jornadas [Days], the popular uprising is accused by the institutional left of being the origin of the current fascist movement, while the use of the black bloc tactic is compared to the fascist attack in Brasilia. But this criticism does not hold up when we analyze the situation at the time and also the role that many leftist organizations played in criminalizing protests, emptying the streets and creating a political vacuum conducive to the rise of fascism.

Video based on an idea by Companheiro Sonho, in collaboration with the collectives Antimídia and Facção Fictícia.

Songs by Racionais MCs, Twins x Omniphonik, INFECTIXN, Mobiius, NetuH.

In addition to all that we shared and published at the time around the events in brazil, we recommend the following english language reports and analyses:

“The June 2013 Uprisings in Brazil, Part I” (CrimethInc.)

“The June 2013 Uprisings in Brazil, Part II – Giants and Monsters” (CrimethInc.)

“Fighting in Brazil: Three Years of Revolt, Repression, and Reaction – A Thorough Account and Analysis, 2013-2015” (CrimethInc.)

“Brazil: the 2013 June Days and the consolidation of the 2018 coup” (Counterfire)

“Work and Revolt at Brazil’s Dead End: Militants in the Fog – Part I” (Ill Will)

“Work and Revolt at Brazil’s Dead End: Militants in the Fog – Part II” (Ill Will)

In english and portuguese:

“Brazil: popular revolt and its limits” (”Revolta popular: o limite da tática” (Passa Palvra)

“Brazil: How things have (and haven’t) changed” (“Olha como a coisa virou” (Passa Palavra)

And in portuguese:

“Junho de 2013: uma análise de rigor histórico e radicalizada” (Federação Anarquista)

“The New Brazil – Raúl Zibechi: reviewed by Levi Gahman” (

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