The FAGC’s breakfast programme

News from the FAGC – Federación Anarquista de Gran Canaria (01/06/2022) …

The Canary Islands has one of the highest levels of child poverty in Europe. 35% of the minors residing on the Islands are malnourished. This statistic, and this prior to a devastating pandemic, implies that their only source of food comes from school canteens and breakfast aid programmes.

This means that thousands of families have nothing to feed their daughters and sons on weekends or holidays. Inspired by the Breakfast Program designed by the Black Panthers in Oakland and Harlem (USA) from 1969, the FAGC has launched its own Breakfast Program.

For a decade now, we have been committed to satisfying basic needs, through housing projects and food sovereignty. We believe that communities become strong when they become accustomed to managing and solving their own problems.

Given the ineptitude, incapacity and lack of interest of public institutions in this situation, aggravated by the consequences of the pandemic and wars, we launched this initiative with the aim of feeding dozens of minors through healthy nutrition and without animal suffering.

We are not fooling anyone: what we propose may be nothing more than a policy of survival. But it is impossible to change social conditions if we do not first ensure the survival of our people, our class and, especially, those who represent our future.

We anarchists have to do anarchist things. Create community, weave ties from the ground up, look for ways out without expecting anything from existing institutions. Mutual aid and direct action are not poster slogans. They are useful and practical methodologies to use every day, in every relationship.


For more on the Black Panther Party’s breakfast programme, click here.

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