Photographs of ecstasy: The Spanish Revolution

A face of revolution, the joy of rebellion triumphant captured in the eye of a camera lens; an icon of freedom in a spain struggling against fascism through social revolution. 

1936 and the fleeting image of a revolution; fleeting, yet alive in the lives of all who continue to struggle to create ways of freedom and equality.

Behind the icon, the 17 year old Marina Ginestà, journalist and anti-fascist militant; beyond the icon, resistance and revolution as the greatest expression of human beauty …

We were journalists and our profession was to never let our morality waver; we defended the motto of Juan Negrin, “with or without bread, resist”.  And we belived it.

Marina Ginestà died on Monday, January 7, 2014, at the age of 94.


Obituary El Pais.

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