Occupy: One Year On

The distinguishing factor between an action and a revolutionary action is its intention.  So, more important than the structure of growth we strive for, it is growth itself that must be re-imagined.  We must not expand for expansion’s sake….The most beautiful kind of growth is priceless, uncontainable, and unquantifiable.

Sauzahn Ebrahimian, The Revolution Will Not Have a Bottom LineTidal 3: Join the Resistance

Video by FrAMEd CROOKS: What a Difference a Year Makes …

Video by Revolution2012ows: Take Back Wall Street 9/17/12 #S17 OWS 1 Year Anniversary

Last wise words to George Carlin …


On the 17th of September, the police of New York City showed to all what dissidence, protest is permitted in our "democracies".  From Roarmag

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