15M: A Cartography of the Spanish Revolution 77

Video and reflections on greece …

Athens Biennale 2011 Monodrome Spot

What’s Next for Europe?

Occupy the Banks, Occupy the Debt, We are all Greeks

How to protest against a failed system … lessons from Greece

No seio do 15M de espanha, os movimentos gregos, dos estados unidos, nos paises arabes, esta a questao economica … ou seja, como derrubar o capitalismo, como contesta-lo e substitui-lo.  Nao existe uma so resposta, mas os debates estao presentes, acompanhados por experiencias paralelas/At the heart of 15M in Spain, the Greek uprisings, the Occupy movement, the Arab uprisings, is the question of the economy … that is, how can capitalism be challenged, contested and replaced.  No one answer dominates these movements, but the discussions are there, paralleled by experiements …

De espanha …

Uma cooperativa integral em Zaragosa

Alternativas de consumo local

Analysis: From occupation to self-management … Michael Albert


As ultmas dos protestos estudantiles em espanha/Latest news from student protests in spain (29/02/2012) …

Publico (espanha)


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