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The anarchy of a music: Niño de Elche

El Grito La elipse de un grito, va de monte a monte. Desde los olivos, será un arco iris negro sobre la noche azul. ¡Ay! Como un arco de viola, el grito ha hecho vibrar largas cuerdas del viento. ¡Ay! … Continue reading

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To be without destiny: For Imre Kertész

Man, when reduced to nothing, or in other words a survivor, is not tragic but comic, because he has no fate. Imre Kertész, Liquidation Imre Kertész’s literary work is inseparable from his life as a survivor of the nazi death camps; inseparable from … Continue reading

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Poetry by Nawal Ziani

Nawal Ziani is a poet and writer who lives in Tangier.  Her work sings of the violence of patriarchy and custom, of the beauty of the forgotten everyday and of the freedom of love. Below we share what we hope … Continue reading

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Nuit et Brouillard: For Alain Resnais

In memory of Alain Resnais who died this last March the 3rd … In 1933, Walter Benjamin could write of the technology of war unleashed upon those who fought during WWI, that it destroyed human experience, the very thing which … Continue reading

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The freedom of curves: Oscar Niemeyer

POEMA DA CURVA Não é o ângulo reto que me atrai,Nem a linha reta, dura, inflexível criada pelo o homem.O que me atrai é a curva livre e sensual.A curva que encontro no curso sinuoso dos nossos rios,nas nuvens do … Continue reading

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