Cherán, Mexico: Building self-governing autonomy

On April 15th, 2011, a popular uprising began in Cherán, involving a process of wagering on a system based on community self-government, communal goods and autonomy; no political parties, no police and no organized crime.

What follows (in text and film) are the reflections of Pedro Chávez, school teacher, revolutionary, indigenous Purépecha and participant in the process of building autonomy in Cherán.

Here ( you can Download in PDF the book “La fuerza del fuego. La lucha por la autonomía de Cherán K’eri” (Editorial Milvus, 2019).


For english speakers, there is extensive material online about the experience in Cherán. See, for example: Open Democracy, Intercontinental Cry, El Enemigo Común, Rhizome Coop.

We share below three documentaries, with english subtitles: Guarda Bosques – Forest Keepers (2013); Cherán, tierra para soñar (2014); Cherán: The Burning Hope (2021)

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