For Alfred Cospito

After Supreme Court Confirmed 41Bis, Anarchist Comrade Alfredo Cospito Returned to Opera Prison in Milan

We have learned that the anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito, who has been on hunger strike for 131 days, today, on February 27, was moved by the medical department of the San Paolo hospital to the intensive care unit of the Milan Opera prison, where he was located before he was moved to San Paolo on February 11th.

The hearing before the Supreme Court on February 24, in which the detention regulation in 41BIs was confirmed, finally confirmed the will of the state to destroy our companions – a will that already emerged in December with the result of the hearing before the surveillance court in Rome. The latest relocation from San Paolo to Opera is all about this will to exterminate. You intend to destroy a comrade and believe that it is a warning to the revolutionary struggle in this country. However, the intention is in vain: the need to fight against the state and the capital is insatiable, the desire to overthrow this authoritarian social reality is insatiable.

Death to the state, always for the anarchy

The address of the comrade is:

Alfredo Cospito

Milan opera prison

Via Camporgnago 40

20141 Milan

(From Abolition Media/ – 27/02/2023)

Italy: To The Comrades

To the comrades

Nothing will ever be the same as before

We receive these words, which we make our own:

They decided to kill Alfredo with the coldness of executioners. Democracy is simply this: inquests, media spectacles, death sentences.

If all this had passed in silence or in the ruthless dehumanized staging of the opinion makers of the day, it would have been grave and unforgivable. But that was not what happened. In all these months, and well before, the molecules of this heterogeneous anarchist body have never stopped, despite the weight that was already bearing down on many of them. But that’s the way of things.

These seconds and minutes following the death sentence passed by the Supreme Court against Alfredo are interminable. But pain is different from surprise. We feel pain now, tremendous pain. But not surprise. And the pain that permeates our every cell is piercing, total.

Total pain.

Who can now feel that tomorrow will be a day they could already have imagined? For months we have been sounding out hypotheses, scenarios, possibilities, but who really had a clear idea of what they would feel?

Nothing will ever be the same again.

In the face of all this, the silence created by such raw clarity almost clouds the mind, overwhelms everything. It is right that we shed tears, it is human that we clench each other and take time to let go of the tension that has been mounting for months.

We need time for the pain because, if nothing will ever be the same again, tomorrow’s lucidity will have to be greater than yesterday’s.

(From for freedom now – 24/02/2023)

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