Remembering-living the Paris Commune

The 150th Anniversary of the Paris Commune: A Call from the Gilets Jaunes of Montreuil

(From 24/02/2020; lundi matin #277, 01/03/2021)

The 18th of March, 2021, long live the Commune, and long live the Gilets Jaunes/Yellow Vests!!

On November 17, 2018, we, the little people, those without rights, the first in drudgery, put on a yellow vest and occupied roundabouts, squares, streets …

With one word on the back: justice!

Conjugated as social justice, fiscal justice, ecological justice, and, in our heads, a mad hope: direct democracy, by the people, and for the people!

Since that day, a rain of freedom-killing laws has descended upon us, aimed at stripping us of all means of defence in the face of the absolutism of power.

On March 18, 1871, the little people, those without rights, the first in drudgery, took up arms, erected barricades, fraternised with the troops, rose up, to give substance to their dream of … direct democracy, by the people and for the people !

They defended their canons, the only guarantors of their security in the face of the arbitrariness and villainy of the power that wanted to enslave them.

1871-2021, same fight against so-called states of “emergency”, which systematically disarm or suppress protest movements.

We, the Gilets Jaunes of Montreuil, still thirsty for justice, call on all the Gilets Jaunes of the Universe to pay homage to all of the revolutionaries of yesterday and today, to commemorate the humanist advances of the Council of the Commune of 1871, and to reiterate our demands of 2018, the main one being direct democracy, by the people and for the people!

On March 18, 2021, we take back our roundabouts, our squares, the street! We light our braziers, we celebrate and we continue to fight for a better world!!!

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