Politics in times of catastrophe (5)

It is necessary to stop just talking, and to be without pity!

André Bernold

lundi matin #221 (16/12/19)

The comedy has gone on long enough, the insurgency is on the agenda, and the immediate removal of those responsible for the disaster.

There is in Aristotle act and potential/power. 2,500 years later, the most modern psychology makes its headlines by focusing on the act and completely forgets potential/power. What now? Momentum of aggressiveness. Little elaboration. Good and evil, end and means. What’s the point of thinking if it’s to keep playing with these hollow nuts? To all this I will answer only one thing: there is not only the sieve, the psychic apparatus, in life. There are realities that confront and which are irreducible to each other. There are conflicts which are not matters of interpretation. The author of the article-manifesto-declaration of war “December 5 and after: let’s make it simple” [in reference to the call for a general strike] notes that the ruling class is not a representation; it is a physically tangible, observable, scientifically describable reality. We have been told for fifty years of the PHYSICAL destruction of the world, which has finally become catastrophically evident, irreversible destruction operated ruthlessly for its sole benefit. He concludes then that we must stop just , and be ruthless with this class of murderers; that we must eliminate it, destroy it, by all means, and aim for this goal by all possible actions. There is no other solution. He is right.

Fracturing? A little! A little underdeveloped? The conclusion is brutal, the reflection begins with Marx, fracturing, aggressive, and has lasted a century and a half, IN PURE LOSS. And before Marx, for the record, there were agricultural engineers who said exactly what the powerless experts of various scientific warning committees around the world are saying today, whose desperate comments are reproduced in mainly American journals. In the meantime, the planet will have become literally unlivable by 2050 with certainty, probably by 2030.

But above all, let’s not be aggressive! Let’s elaborate a bit more. There are now millions of people who agree with what Chirac said in his charentaises, for the gallery, without lifting a finger: the house is on fire. And literally. The earth has become a furnace, and so on. The comedy has gone on long enough, insurgency is on the agenda, and the immediate removal of those responsible for the disaster. Is it possible? Probably not, unless the insurrection were planetary, which cannot be totally excluded, even if it is extremely unlikely. The balance of power between states and/or monopolies, to be quick, and the population, disarmed or not, has become INCOMMENSURABLE. Completely unprecedented in human history. Marx did not foresee that so-called primitive accumulation would be absolute in the postmodern era. It was impossible to forsee. It took two world wars, and the extermination of about 200 million people in forty years, more or less. This is not very elaborate either, and rather violent. The fact that this incommensurability leads with certainty to the apocalypse does not exclude that a reversal of the situation, which is also absolute, remains difficult to conceive. It is in this improbable hypothesis where we find ourselves …

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