In solidarity with Gaspard Glanz

We have on numerous occasions shared video reports from the independent and politically engaged news collective, Taranis news. The courage and art that they have consistently brought to their work with radical social movements makes them one of the most important sources of news videos in france.

On the 20th of April, the day of Act XXIII of the gilets jaunes insurrection, Gaspard Glanz, one of the collective’s founders, was arrested for “insulting a person representative of public authority”. After two days in prison, he appeared in court to learn that his trial is set for the 18th of October. During the next six months, he is prohibited from entering Paris on Saturdays and on the coming first of May; in effect, preventing him from covering the insurrection in the capital.

His “insulting” crime? Showing the finger to a physically aggressive riot cop.

Glanz has been the object of regular police harassment and has been flagged by authorities as a “fiche-S“: an identification of an individual considered to be a serious threat to national security.

Numerous french news agencies have condemned the arrest and the restrictions on circulation as a violation of freedom of the press, and a petition circulates in support of Glanz. (Le monde 22/04/2019)

Without any illusions of the State’s concern for the freedom of speech (its goal is to ensure silence through fear), it is for everyone to act in defense of Glanz and the many others, journalists or not, targets of police repression. Insurrection begins in disobedience and, ultimately, the only real defense is to continue the insurrection.

Video …

Gaspard Glanz’s arrest.

An interview with Gaspard Glanz, (in french) on his release (22/04/2019).

Gilets Jaunes: Act 23: Paris 20/04/2019, by Gaspard Glanz.

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