From the gilet jaunes of Commercy: A call to generalise the assemblies

Among the polyphony of the gilets jaunes, we shared a first communique from the Commercy. Today, we share a second statement, in translation, from the Commercy assembly that retains all of its political importance, pointing as it does potentially to a path beyond perpetuating the status quo with minor reforms. It is an invitation to discuss and debate, between all of the local assemblies of the movement, what kind of world they (we) wish to live in.

The second call of Commercy: The assembly of assemblies

(lundimatin 172, 31/12/2018)

Our second call is:

To all the Yellow Vests. To all of those who do not yet wear the vest but who nevertheless share the same rage in their guts.

It is now more than six weeks that we occupy roundabouts, temporary shelters, public squares, roads and we are present in the minds of all and in all conversations.

We are holding our ground!

It has been a long time since a struggle has been so successful, so sustained, so encouraging!

  • Encouraging because those who govern us have trembled and still tremble on their pedestal.
  • Encouraging because they have started to concede a few crumbs.
  • Encouraging because we no longer let ourselves be had with some bones to gnaw.
  • Encouraging because we all learn to respect each other, to understand each other, to appreciate each other in our diversity. Ties are woven. Modes of operation are tried. And that, they can not take away from us anymore.
  • Encouraging also, because we have understood that we must not divide ourselves in the face of adversity. We have understood that our real enemies are the few who have immense wealth that they do not share: the 500 richest people in France have multiplied by 3 their fortune since the financial crisis of 2008, to reach 650 billion € !!! Tax and social credits to larger corporations also amount to hundreds of billions a year. It’s intolerable !
  • Encouraging finally, because we understood that we were able to represent ourselves, without buffer between the powerful and the people, without parties that channel ideas for their own profit, without intermediate bodies more intended to cushion shocks, to oil the system, rather than defending ourselves.

Today we mourn the victims of the repression, several deaths and dozens of serious injuries. Cursed be those who allowed this, but they should know that our determination remains intact, stronger even!

We are proud of the path so far traveled, so quickly and of all the awakenings of consciousness that are so many victories over their crushing system.

And we feel very strongly that this pride is shared by a lot of people.

How could it be otherwise, when this system and this government that represents it are constantly destroying the social gains, the ties between people, and our dear planet?

We must continue, it is vital. We must amplify these first results, without haste, without exhausting ourselves, but without discouraging ourselves either. Let’s take the time, let’s think as much as we act.

We therefore call on all those who share this rage and the need for change, either to continue to wear their yellow vest proudly, to put it on without fear.

We must now gather everywhere, forming popular citizens assemblies, on a human scale, where the word and listening are masters.

Assemblies in which, as at Commercy, every decision is made collectively, where delegates are appointed to apply and make the decisions reality. Not the opposite! Not like in the current system. These assemblies will carry our popular egalitarian, social and ecological demands.

Some proclaim themselves to be national representatives or prepare lists for future elections. We think that it is not the right process, everyone feels it well, speech, our words, will be lost in this maze or be diverted, as in the current system.

Here we reaffirm once again the absolute necessity of not allowing ourselves to be confiscated by anyone.

Once these democratic assemblies are created, in as many places as possible, then they will create a list of demands.

The government has asked the mayors to put in place registries of complaints in the town halls. We are afraid that by doing so our claims will be recovered and arranged in their own way and that in the end they will no longer reflect our diversity. We must imperatively keep in our hands the means of expression of the people! For this reason, we call for these registries to be open and held by the people’s assemblies!

May they be established by the people and for the people!

From Commercy, we call at this moment for large national meeting of local people’s committees.

On the basis of the strength of the success of our first call, we invite you to organize it democratically, in January, here in Commercy, with delegates from all over France, to gather demands and present them in common.

We also propose to all to discuss together what follows for our movement.

We finally propose to decide together on an authentically democratic mode of collective organization for the yellow vests, arising from the people and respecting the stages of delegation.

Together, let us create the assembly of the assemblies, the Commune of the communes.

This is the meaning of history, it is our proposal.


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