Erri de Luca acquitted! Another defeat for thick headed prosecutors

Autonomies had earlier published news of the italian writer Erri de Luca’s trial for terrorism for having spoken of the need to stop, even by sabotage, the building of the high spreed train link between France and Italy (click here).  On October 19th, de Luca was acquitted of the charges in what for many was a test of the right to publicly contest State policies and decisions.  We publish below, in translation by a friend of Autonomies,  part of de Luca’s statement in this, his hopefully last court appearance, and a brief reflection on the trial’s significance.  (For the original article, click here).  The struggle against the high speed train however continues.

‘I would be present in this hall even if it wasn’t me the writer accused of incitement. Beyond my negligible personal case, I consider the accusation put forward an experiment, an attempt to silence dissenting words. I confirm my conviction that the self proclaimed High Speed line must be hindered, blocked and sabotaged.’ Erri de Luca

In a hall packed with NoTav militants and journalists, at 1 p.m., after the interruption of 9.30 a.m., when Erri de Luca read a statement where he reaffirmed the dissenting word, the judge read the sentence: acquitted for not having committed the crime!

The trial set up against the writer Erri de Luca is a confirmation of how the crusade against NoTav has gone beyond the limit that marks the ridiculous.

While the president of the court of Turin complains about 6000 cases that have flooded the court and are not advancing, all trials against those who oppose the TAV line take precedence, offering the chance to the well-known think headed public prosecutors to find full satisfaction for their inquisitorial cravings.

If the trial for terrorism, strained in all its parts, was partially brought to a halt in its core accusation, what is being celebrated today is the trial of the word, the dissenting word, with such emphasis that almost touches the ridiculous.

Erri withstood the accusation thanks to the support and  warmth of the NoTav people, of his readers and a few colleagues, but went on, continuing to defend his claims all the way to the statement which preceded the judgement.

After all, if one embraces the just cause of NoTav one must proceed in this way, to the very end, without fear, with the certainty that it will be history judging this struggle, and not a judge, or a court.

In a normal country, where political and social disputes are not resolved with blows of condemnation, we would wonder if after yet another blunder, the judiciary system of the TAV shouldn’t be put in a condition of not flooding the courts due to NoTav obsession, but knowing that this won’t be the case, today, we, without forgetting any NoTav militant prosecuted or imprisoned, celebrate the acquittal of Erri and the victory of the dissenting word, that is stronger (also without judgments) of the words of power!

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