Scenes from the class war in spain: suicide

By chosing voluntary death we cast off the burden of our existence and refuse to simply survive.

Jean Amery, On Suicide: A Discourse On Voluntary Death

From the Stop Desahucios (Stop Evictions) of 15M Granada, comes the news of the suicide of Gustavo Arguellas Calvo (25/07/2014), member of the city’s Maracena Assembly.

Confronted by an eviction procedure, he and his family, with the support of the Stop Desahucios’ assemblies, were unable to re-negotiate their debt payments.  He leaves behind him two young children and a wife, and adds to the already long list of spaniards who have taken their lives before the violence of capital.

We make no judgement; we but testify to the violence of a world that reduces so many to such despair, that all that seems to remain is indignation in death.

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