La ciudad de los Fotógrafos

A beautiful documentary by Sebastián Moreno (2006) of  Chilean photographers’ chronicles of/intenventions in Pinochet’s Chile (in spanish) …

During Pinochet´s long regime, a motley crew of photojournalists shot and framed Chile´s people and turmoil from many perspectives. In the streets, in the middle of bloody riots and protests, these fearless photographers learned their craft and created their own language.

For them, taking pictures was a way to be free, an alternative to keep on living, a way of being more than mere spectators but vital actors. Pinochet had the power and the guns, but these photographers had the lenses and the flashes. Their camera was their weapon.

These photographers represent the oppressive and ugly past. They lived dangerously and they lived to tell. Survivors from the past dictatorship or castaways of democracy? This is their story. A story mostly in black and white of a time that was in black and white, where one had to take sides and the only shades of grey were in the photos they took.

For the film’s web site, click here.


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