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Raoul Vaneigem: A radical politics of life

From Ballast, an excerpt from Raoul Vaneigem’s most recent essay, which we present below in translation.

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When rebellion is child’s play: John Holloway on the zapatistas

John Holloway has been a keen observer of the zapatista movement since its beginning, and we share two reflections by him, as a closing contribution on the mexican revolution, or revolutions, both past and present.

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Creating indigenous autonomies: The zapatistas of Chiapas

In continuity with our recent post on the mexican revolution, we share a rich article on the present day zapatista movement of Chiapas by Tikva Honig-Parnass, posted on Roarmag. Our concern here is not to politically evaluate the movement (we … Continue reading

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Struggles for autonomy

The question  “what is to be done?” for anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian politics often invites the suggestion that there must be a single, unequivocal answer to it, at multiple levels: ends or goals, tactics and strategies, organisations, all supposedly grounded in … Continue reading

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