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Peter Gelderloos: Ecosystems of Revolt

From Ill Will (29/07/2022) … As the struggle to defend the Atlanta forest against the construction of a new police training facility stages its fourth week of action, we are publishing an excerpt from Peter Gelderloos’s recent book, The Solutions … Continue reading

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Peter Gelderloos: Israel is Committing Genocide

From Peter Gelderloos’ blog/website, Surviving Leviathan, we share a recent essay (17/10/2023) by him on the current violence in Palestine/Israel. What the Israeli government is currently doing to occupied Palestine meets all the criteria for genocide. Time and again, the … Continue reading

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Heating Up: An Interview With Peter Gelderloos On Climate Change And The Fight To Change Everything

From It’s going down (19/09/2023) … This summer brought yet another record heat wave, as climate change fueled disasters hit countries around the world, leaving human communities devastated by flooding, wildfires, and storms. While this “new normal” has brought climate change to the forefront of … Continue reading

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The solutions are already here with Peter Gelderloos: A podcast

Follow the link below to an excellent discussion around Peter Gelderloos’ essay, The Solutions are Already Here. Peter Gelderloos joins us again to discuss his recent book “The Solutions are Already Here: Strategies for Ecological Revolution from Below”. The conversation … Continue reading

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Beyond violence and non-violence: Peter Gelderloos

… nonviolence, in its current manifestations, is based on falsified histories of struggle. It has implicit and explicit connections to white people’s manipulations of the struggles of people of color. Its methods are wrapped in authoritarian dynamics, and its results … Continue reading

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A world without police: Peter Gelderloos

“Violence” is something new in history. We decadents are the first to know this curious thing: violence. Traditional societies knew of theft, blasphemy, parricide, abduction, sacrifice, insults and revenge. Modern States, beyond the dilemma of adjudicating facts, recognized only infractions … Continue reading

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Geopolitics for 2024

We share a critical essay by Peter Gelderloos on the on the probabilities of state power or revolution (07/02/2024). Skip the first section if you want to go straight to the conflicts and changes I think we should be paying … Continue reading

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Support Bima!

(From Peter Gelderloos) A last minute call for solidarity: If you’re able to today, please send some aid to Bima, an anarchist comrade imprisoned in Indonesia! Bima is a writer, researcher, and organizer, and he helped me out a ton … Continue reading

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Beware the wealthy who speak of changing the world

On the even of summit called The New Global Financing Pact, an open letter to the world appears … We are urgently working to deliver more for people and the planet. … We are urgently working to fight poverty and … Continue reading

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The Invasion Of Ukraine: Anarchist Interventions And Geopolitical Changes

by Peter Gelderloos (It’s Going Down 14/03/2022) … The current war in Ukraine is difficult to grapple with and not only for those of us with friends and comrades who are over there, fighting or surviving, or who have already … Continue reading

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