From the Ukrainian Solidarity Collectives

After two years of mobilisation, a summary review of the work of the Ukrainian Solidarity Collectives

(From lundimatin, #418, 04/03/2024)

In line with the series of interviews that we carried out in the summer of 2023 with anarchist and communist activists who joined the Ukrainian front [click here and here], we are publishing this week a video (with English language subtitles) that summarises the work over these last two years of the Ukrainian Solidarity Collectives.

From within Ukraine, the collective organises material solidarity with the revolutionary fighters and tries fiercely, in the confusion of analyses and the fog of war, to continue its work of logistical support and political clarification.

The military question is not the only one. The Solidarity Collectives is also active within civil society and in cooperation with unions at a time when, in the name of the war effort, neo-liberalism is trying to slowly and thoroughly crush workers’ rights in Ukraine.

For more information about the Ukrainian Solidarity Collectives and to support their efforts, see their website here.

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