Resistance is life: A Call to stand with the people of Rojava

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After the widespread bombing campaigns by the fascist Turkish state in October and December, once again, Turkish bombs and rockets are destroying critical infrastructure in North-East Syria. Well-documented war crimes are evident for everyone to see. In the last 48 hours, more than 50 sites were targeted by Turkish drones and fighter jets.

We don’t feel the need to tell you again how much damage is done and how much this will harm the survival of the peoples of the region. We also know that we don’t need to tell you again about the brutality of Erdogan and the Turkish AKP-MHP regime.

Instead, we want to tell you about the people who refuse to give in to a barbaric enemy. People that refuse to be integrated into the capitalist system of accumulation, people that insist on a life in dignity. On their ancient soil, according to their values and culture. We want to tell you about the children, the mothers, the youth. Thousands flooded the streets of cities all over North East Syria today to once again make it clear to the fascist invaders: We are not afraid of you, and we will never leave our lands!

We want to tell you about the religious leader who spoke at today’s demonstration in the small city of Dêrik and said: “Even if everything is destroyed, we will resist. If we have to eat stones, we will eat stones.”

The spirit we saw today is a clear sign for the people of the region not being mere victims of aggression but a fighting people; ready to defend the achievements of their revolutions whatever it takes.

When we look at the massive destruction dealt alone in the last 48 hours, we could get the impression that the revolution is in a defensive position. But the reality is quite the opposite: the resistance has, since the action of October first in Ankara, gone into offensive. The Guerrilla in the mountains is overwhelming the occupation forces and could strike in the heart of the Turkish state anytime. All over the globe, workers, intellectuals, women’s & youth movements joined the International campaign for the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan. From the hunger strike in the dungeons of the Turkish state to the demonstrations and events in Europe, Latin America, and the US. From Rojava to the free mountains of Kurdistan. From Imrali to the whole world, we hear: Resistance is Life!

The attacks on Rojava are ignored by mass media. States and International Organizations turn a blind eye. But we know that those that matter will stand with Rojava. The people, antifascists, feminists, the ecological movements, those that are holding high the most sacred human values. Those that face genocide themselves, whether in Palestine, Artsakh, or Balochistan.
We are many and we are strong. We see your actions; they give strength and motivations to us and more importantly to the people of the region. Every action matters. Every demonstration, every banner, every handout makes a difference.

Without a doubt, the resistance in Rojava will continue. And we will be standing side by side with the people against all attacks. The attacks are continuing as well, and Rojava is prepared to defend against all attempts to occupy their lands. The Revolution of Women, the Revolution of the Youth will prevail!

We call on you to join our resistance in Rojava, the Middle East, Europe, Abya Yala, or wherever you are. Together we will stop the brutal attacks on Rojava. Together we will fight capitalism and fascism. Together we will defend the alternatives to State, Capitalism, and Crisis. Together we will succeed!

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