Agustín García Calvo: For those who asked about utopias

With a little inspiration from lundi matin

If everyone were able to look closely within themselves, they would realise that everyone from below is mad, that we are all mad, and that we live, from below, in a very secret madness which allows us, from there, the most unfamiliar boldness, of leaps and connections with others and the world. And so we feel, from below, but with clarity, the condition of the insanity of normality, the simplification and the misery of the organisation and of the social life in which, from above, everyone participates. So, what happens above is that we act as if we believe in it, when in that sense we know (from below) that we are leading a life of fiction and acting in poor play (real life), supported only by the “fear of living” which was established in the beginning of time (with History) of each and everyone. There lies the true utopia, the place without a place for desire, while the ordinary ideal utopias, which want to marry Reality, are therefore condemned to be located in the Future, the space of the dominant illusion which is called Reality. But the real utopia is here, now, in me where I am no real person. And it may be that the only difference between the ones and the others is in the degree of faith, insofar as each one identifies with his real (fictitious) personage and becomes, consequently, insensitive to the divine madness which runs through us, from below, between the flesh.

“En la hora de nuestra muerte”

If someone asks, … why the attempt to de-realise Reality, or does it even makes sense, it must be answered, first, that Reality is both a product of and a support for Power that weighs on the living and on us as people and it endeavours to close off possibilities of life and reason; and, secondly, that, despite the oppressive and crippling effect of that Power, it is clear that Reality is never as made and as sure as we are supposed to believe, as evidenced by the very fact that Fathers, Priests of the Soul, Statesmen, the Media, vulgarised Science are daily determined to demonstrate the fatality and completeness of Reality, or, that Reality is all that there is.

But this is a lie, and it is not necessary to go looking for reasons or justifications for the war: because for the love of the truth, that is, the discovery of falsehood, reasons are not lacking, right?


Agustín García Calvo, Contra la realidad: Estudios de Lenguas y de cosas

(Editorial Lucina, Zamora, 2002)

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