Greece: The war against squats continues

Athens: Massive intervention in the streets of Kolonaki


There is a completely false belief that Exarchia is an area on the map bordered by Patision, Alexandra, Charilaou Trikoupi streets and the hills of Steki. In fact, there is today an area of the city called Exarchia, where for decades there has been a partial territorialisation of radical political movements, an excessive accumulation of organised or spontaneous political and cultural negations. But this is a product of history, and history is being redefined. Nothing guarantees that Exarchia will remain where it is, either alone or with the same size forever. And when we write Exarchia between quotation marks, we do not want to speak of the neighbourhood, but of a political phenomenon: a territorial centre of overcrowded negations in the metropolis.

This should not be misinterpreted. At the moment, Exarchia, as it is on the map, is of particular importance. The State, if it wishes to pay the costs, can quickly close social centres with its squadrons. … [But what will be won is not the Exarchia of today.]

However, recognising that “Exarchia” expresses a historical reality, we are obliged to expand our horizons. It is clear that the repressive and “communicative” attack by the State plays a role in this. But this is not all. We have to look elsewhere, if we don’t return, to be able to take a step forward. An excessive centre of negation is not an end in itself.

To defend Exarchia, on the one hand, and to extend Exarchia to other neighbourhoods, on the other, and not only for reasons of necessity, but as a strategic choice …

This struggle will last years and years. To reach the most militant elements of the base in the name of the base is short work. When the world begins to follow the path, when the capital of peace offered by Syriza (left-wing party) is consumed and that of New Democracy (right-wing party) is consumed, the terms will be reversed because the conflict will reveal its true dimension; but not as a between the Right and the world of social struggle, but a conflict between the social base and the State, a conflict of workers against capital.

We will be there, Exarchia will be there.

It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon …


Anarchist Federation of Athens

Popular Antifascist Action

[The text above is a partial translation of a text signed by the organisations cited above. It is however a translation of a translation (from portuguese), and should therefore be read with some caution.]

News from greece …

Athens: Evictions in Marousi and Koukaki

December 17th, 2019 (!)

Today in the early morning hours, Villa Kouvelos in Marousi (northern part of Athens) was evicted by a strong state anti-terrorist police force.
The empty and dilapidated building was squatted by anarchists in April 2010 and quickly developed into a nationally known social center, providing the district with concerts, lectures, discussions, political events, etc.
The villa has also been the target of attacks by right-wing groups such as the Golden Dawn. In the north of Athens, Villa Kouvelos was an institution and its eviction is a catastrophe for the neighborhood in cultural terms alone, leaving behind – similar to the eviction of the Villa Zografou – a socio-cultural desert. As far as is known, there is also no special reason for the eviction, there are no plans to use the building or sell the land. The eviction is therefore a purely populist act.
A few minutes after the arrival of the cops at 7:30 am, residents gathered in front of the building to express their solidarity. Flyers were distributed and the city council meeting of the Nea Dimokratia (ND, New Democracy) responsible for the eviction was disturbed. A spontaneous demonstration was called at 6 pm, attended by about 300 people. The demonstration went loudly through the neighborhood, slogans were sprayed and some banks were smashed.
Yesterday ND announced the eviction of another 28 squats by the end of the year, which after the events in Exarcheia and the eviction actions so far is tantamount to a further declaration of war on the scene, on alternative life and on all progressive people in Greece. A foretaste of the reaction was already given in the last few days, with smaller attacks throughout the city – and a clear warning on 6 December with 12,000 anarchists in front of the parliament.

Three more evictions in Koukaki. Cops terrorized neighbours

Athens – Greek police evicted 3 more squats in the Koukaki district this morning (December 18th). Neighbours were terrorized by the cops, some of them were also arrested. On Exarcheia square the Nea Demokratia regime put up a Christmas tree. Tonight there will be an emergency meeting in the Gini building in Athens.

Athens : No Pasaran anarchists react to the evictions

December 19th, 2019 (!)

The greek government has gone into war with anarchists and anti authoritarians, following the end of a 15 days ultimatum issued by the Ministry of Public Order, towards the dozens of political and refugee squats across Greece (some of them more than 30 years old), threatening them with violent evictions by the riot police and police special forces, if they did not evacuate within the deadline. The deadline ended on Thursday night on the 5th of December 2019, a political decision by the greek State aiming to agitate and create an “explosive atmosphere”.

Following the first wave of attacks and evictions, mainly against squats housing refugees during the fall, the second wave of attacks has just begun, this time against political squats and social centers. Coinciding with the arrest of antifascists and the proposed judicial acquittal of neonazi leaders in the Golden Dawn trial, the right wing greek government and its self proclaimed socialist Minister of Public Order have proceeded with the eviction of Villa Kouvelou in Marousi on tuesday 17 december, while another three squats (Matrozou 45, Panaitoliou 21 and Arvali 3) have been evicted today 18 december in Koukaki, following a massive police operation, that terrorized a whole neighborhood with police brutality, attacking people living in adjoining houses that were no squats. Brutal images of greek SWAT policemen having their boots on people’s heads on the ground and a mother bound on the floor of her terrace with a hood on her head, reminiscing of Abu Ghraib torture images, have been circulated in the media.

While this info text is being written it has become known that at about 22:00 today 18 December, people attacked shops and banks near the main square of Athens at Syntagma.

Exarcheia: People Burn Down the Christmas Tree !!

It’s ironic. While the greek government has been terrorizing the neighborhood of Exarcheia since the summer with squat evictions, attacks on people inside coffee shops and bars and brutal beatings and arrests for no reason -especially following the protests on 17 November and 6 December, where an atypical martial law was imposed in the area-, few days ago made an attempt to cover up the riot police crimes against the people in the area, by decorating Exarcheia Square with Christmas lights and a Christmas Tree…

As an obvious result at about 22:00 yesterday 18 December, approximately 200 anarchists held a sudden demo around Ermou Street, the most commercial street of Athens and proceeded to attacking several shops and banks near the main square of Athens at Syntagma. At about the same time, several miles away, the christmas tree at Exarcheia square was set on fire. While the greek government has proclaimed that more than 20 squats, just in Athens, will be violently evicted until the end of 2019, the police attacks seems like the match that will put fire in an already explosive situation during Christmas and New Year’s festivities.

Athens: Solidarity call with the Koukaki Squat Community

-December 19th, 2019 (!)

The state’s spectacular repression made another show this morning with the eviction of three living spaces, squats of housing and struggle, those of the Koukaki Squat Community (*). Armed to the teeth state guards, using all their gadgets, broke down doors, shot tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets into the houses and the bodies of those living inside, in order to “return the buildings to their rightful owners”, in other words, to the desert of private ownership and capitalism. During the operation, they even tortured and arrested neighbours who dared question their all mightiness.

The message carried out by the bastard torturers and murderers, those bodyguards of fat cats and their politicians, was one of sweeping state terrorism against the social body.

The Koukaki squat community 3 years ago, opened up a space that kept growing, for the needs of the struggle for social self organization, against capitalist and state oppression. The community has defended its ground combatively whenever this was called for. This morning’s battle returned a bit of the violence to its institutional beares, proving in deed that the only lost battle is the one not fought for.

In face of this raging repression, in face of the modern day junta that is being imposed, in order to stand our ground we must fight back. Solidarity with all those resisting.

Solidarity with the arrested comrades from the Koukaki Squat Community
Gathering at Evelpidon courts, Thursday 19 December, 12pm.

Assembly of GARE

(*) squats evicted are Matrozou 45, Panaitoliou 21 and Arvali 3.

update 20/12/2019: 9 people got released from custody. They have to appear in court on 15 May 2020. One woman is still in the hospital after being hit by a rubber bullet inside one of the squats. The greek police is not even allowed to use robber bullets and denies they are doing so.

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