We are the crises: John Holloway


In our interesting times of rebellion, with protests across north africa, europe, the americas, the work of John Holloway provides us with conceptual tools that help to understand and act in our present …

Break.  We want to break.  We want to break the world as it is.  A world of injustice, of war, of violence, of discrimination, of Gaza and Guantanamo.  A world of billionaires and a billion people who live and die in hunger.  A world in which humanity is annihilating itself, massacring non-human forms of life, destroying the conditions of its own existence.  A world ruled by money, ruled by capital.  A world of frustration, of wasted potential.

We want to create a different world.  We protest, of course we protest.  We protest against the war, we protest against the growing use of torture in the world, we protest against the turning of all life into a commodity to be bought and sold, we protest against the inhuman treatment of migrants, we protest against the destruction of the world in the interests of profit.

We protest and we do more.  We do and we must.  If we only protest, we allow the powerful to set the agenda.  If all we do is oppose what they are trying to do, then we simply follow in their footsteps.  Breaking means that we do more than that, that we seize the initiative, that we set the agenda.  We negate, but out of our negation grows a creation, an other-doing, an activity that is not determined by money, an activity that is not shaped by the rules of power. …

Now.  There is an urgency in all this.  Enough!  ¡Ya basta!

John Holloway, Crack Capitalism

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