Gezi/Taksim: The rebellion of one-many, or a figure of Bartleby

From Occupied Taksim

After Prime Minister Erdogan called for a police attack on Taksim on saturday, clashes continued until early monday morning. Despite the determination of the demonstrators the police managed to take hold of the square and were not letting anyone inside since saturday evening.

The governor, referring to the police-zone in Taksim square, said that they had cleared the square from protesters and had “given it back to the people.”

Tonight (17/06/2013) people who did not look like “crowds” in the eyes of the police were allowed into Istiklal Street and certain parts of the square. Then, around 20:25 this man appeared (middle, wearing white shirt):

At about 1:00, a circle of people would form around the standing, with those in the circle being arrested about an hour later.  Prohibited from protesting collectively and in movement, many then began to stand about, in different cities, in protest  …



… and more … the creative act of destroying billboards …


To create is to resist, to resist is to create …




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